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Who is The Dead Detective™? Hank Kane, that's who, a 1950's Private Eye and former LAPD.

Hank was the best Detective there ever was. He always solved the case - he just got tired proving it!,
After being killed on a case, he has been sent back to 'life' by the Court Of Ghouls and has to solve new cases honestly- and train a pesky kid into the bargain! Of course, Hank's body is just a skeleton now, so he has a secret potion to drink each day, to 'flesh him out'.

He must help 12 year-old Charlie Christian solve the cases logically. This means patiently listening to Charlie's silly theories as to who done it and why, and then guiding him to the truth - without cheating. The Court Of Ghouls spies are everywhere, waiting for Hank to give into his impatience.

Charlie has a kid sister, Annie, who he wishes would keep out the way during cases. Only one thing would annoy Charlie more than not solving a case - and that's his kid sister solving it for him!!!

So, will Hank cheat? If so will he get caught? Will Charlie ever listen to him? And will Charlie's kid sister ever be taken seriously by either of them? Will Hank ever get into 'Sleuth Heaven', where even the hardest cases are solved easily? Read all six of these exciting and ghostly mysteries to find out!



Child Fiction Crime Story Kid Literature

detective story

crime story
Available from October 2009

'B' Format, 198mm x 130mm
Page extent - 96pp
Covers - Fluorescent  Ink and Embossed

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